Trade Sales




For small businesses in the Caithness area requiring larger




Our 5 Bean House Blend 

We have formulated our own unique espresso blend of five component coffees. A coffee for liveliness, one for sweet fragrance, another to impart strong dark full body flavours, another for a touch of spice and lastly, a coffee to add that certain bite and to impart a golden creamy crema. We do not make a cheaper grade coffee.

Our Morning Blend

We have also developed a milder coffee to suit those whose taste runs to more fragrant, gentler coffees. It is called the Morning Blend and has four components similar to the above House Blend but less intense.

Our Decaffeinated Coffee

Our decaf enjoys quite a popularity, with customers often saying that it does not taste like a decaf but more like a real coffee! The decaffeinating process used in this coffee is non-chemical (Swiss Water or CO2).

Want Your Own Blend?

I would be happy to advise. Give me a ring and we’ll work together to create your own unique coffee experience. 

Trade Prices

Trade prices will only apply to the two blends mentioned above and the decaf. Pure origin coffees (Sumatra, Kenya etc.) are only sold at retail prices.

Rates Permanent Customer
House Blend / Morning Blend  £15.50 / kg
 decaf £15.50 / kg

Eligibility to receive Permanent Customer Rates

1. Must be a commercial business and buying for your customers (typically a B&B, a cafe or restaurant).

2. Required to have made a commitment to use us as your sole source of coffee and to buy on an ongoing basis.

Additional Charges

Grinding Charge: We are happy to grind any coffees upon request. A grinding charge of 50p per kilogram bag will apply.


Businesses local to Wick will pay a nominal delivery charge. Those further afield will pay what we are charged by Royal Mail or other carrier. Coffee stored in a cool place will keep well for about four weeks.

Why Buy From Us?

Fresh Artisan Roast:  Beans roasted several times weekly in Inverness.

Quality: We think our coffees are the best around. Why not try for yourself ?

Price: Excellent value for a quality product with a personal service guaranteed.

Local Business: Buying from us means your money benefits a local business which is good for Caithness