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Story about this Christian Businessman

Simon Forth, B&WThis business is not only the result of a passionate enthusiasm for fresh roasted coffee but also part of my testimony as a Christian. My name is Simon Forth and if you would like to read my story, read on…

After about ten years living in Japan in the 1990s (I am originally from Australia), I wanted to have qualifications in Japanese and so left Japan and came to Sheffield University to study. Two of the girls I was studying with asked me if I wanted to go to a local Baptist church with them that night because the pastor was worth listening to and that he had the ability to explain the Bible in a way that was both up to date and personally meaningful. Having nothing to do that night and being a bit intrigued, I went along. During the sermon, I had a strong feeling that God was with me and that He was emphasising some of the points that the pastor was teaching. I was 43 years old at the time.

To explain some background, I grew up in a typical middle class family but was badly bullied at school with the result that I emerged from school with a particularly strong inferiority complex that try as I might, I could not overcome. I had tried counselling, hypnotherapy, Buddhism but nothing made any difference. In fact, 25 years later, at age of 43, I was still suffering from the effects including: no self-respect, inability to find friends, impossibility of having loving relationships (marriage impossible), it was also the deep-seated cause of trouble at work and in family life.

Since I was sure that something of importance had happened that night at the Baptist church in Sheffield, I joined their Bible study class. One piece of scripture that kept coming back to me was; ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things you need will be added on to you’ (Matthew 6:33). So this is what I did (find more details in my testimony below) and I was amazed that within a few months, the symptoms of inferiority started to lift. Over time, I grew stronger and stronger and although I could not see Jesus Christ, yet He had to be there as the healing started at the same time as I started to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. That the two happened as a mere coincidence after 25 years is too much to believe (indeed, unscientific!). I can now say:

(1) Jesus exists and He was healing me;

(2 The Bible is God’s Word and is all true;

(3) A head knowledge about God or religious behaviour is NOT enough, God requires that we must know Him personally and this is only possible through Jesus Christ.

After a few years, I could see that the Christian gospel was all good, I went the extra step and decided to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Saviour to forgive all my sins. I then had the feeling of being intensely loved by God, I knew I was safe, I knew my sin was completely forgiven and I knew I was connected to God by an everlasting bond that would last through all the ages. This is what being born again meant. New life in Christ for all eternity.

But—, where will you be spending eternity??

If you want to read more about my testimony in detail, download it below.

Click English Version to download this file: My Walk with Jesus Christ (in English)

Click here to download this file (Simplified Chinese):耶稣基督与我同行(簡体字)
Click here to download this file (Traditional Chinese):耶穌基督與我同行(繁體字)
Click here to download this file (Japanese) イエス様との歩み
Click here to download this file (French): Ma promenade avec Jesus
Click here to download this file (Spanish): Mi Camino Con Jesu Christo
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I am a Christian and have good testimonies to tell. One of the best is the blessing the Lord brought to me on the Christmas Eve of 2009. Click here to download this file: God’s Miracle to Me on the Christmas Eve of 2009, Simon’s true story