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Caithness Coffee Company




After selling the Inverness Coffee Roasting Co. in 2016, we moved north to Caithness County (far north-east Scotland) and opened the Caithness Coffee Co. Here, we sell retail to the local residents and visitors as well as commercially to businesses in Wick and Thurso. We are thankful to the local folk for their patronage and those who have spread the word about us. 





     -coffees are not all the same-

some are mild and subtle

some sweet and fragrant

some aromatic with dark spice

some strong with notes of bakers’ chocolate







Coffee of the Month 

Changing every month, something new and exotic, maybe a Cuba, or a volcanic Java, could be a Malawi local co-operative, or even a New Guinea Highlands or a ….

Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/caithness.coffee


Wick Main Shop

Caithness Coffee Company is trading from the its premises in Wick (Bruce Building, Sinclair Terrace, Wick. KW1 5AB, beside the old library). 

Thurso Agent

Our coffees are available in Thurso at Lucy’s Tailoring (formerly Atlanta Sports Store) at 31 High Street, Thurso, opposite the Nickel & Dime. It is a shop within a shop, selling the same coffee beans and at the same price as in the Wick parent shop.


Coffee Selection

We have at least 9 coffees on sale at any one time in the shop, covering all the major coffee growing areas. We always have:

  • Our signature House Blend: strong roasts, full bodied
  • Our signature Morning Blend: medium roasts, not too strong 
  • Sumatra Lintong: very strong, heavy bodied, rich, smooth dark roast with notes of dark bakers chocolate
  • India Monsoon Malabar: dried slowly in the monsoon winds, a coffee of spice with tones of dark cane sugar
  • Mild Brazil: a delicate complex taste of mild fruit, held in a smooth silky texture 
  • Decaf: non-chemical decaffing method, origin beans are ideally Ethiopian or Sumatran

Coffee Accessories Selection

Here we have items like cafetieres, interesting design teapots with infusers, moka pots etc. Click this link to view our coffee accessories page.

Tea Selection

We stock 8 different varieties of teas prepared by our Edinburgh teahouse supplier. Click this link to view our tea selection

  • Flowering tea balls (open out into flowers after being steeped in boiling water)
  • Peppermint tea
  • Russian Caravan
  • Traditional English breakfast

   Market We Attend (currently not operating)

  • Last Saturday of the month: Orkney Farmer’s Market in Kirkwall

Why buy from us?

  • We source in very good quality beans 
  • We roast fresh from the beans on a regular basis. 
  • We sell to the trade at attractive commercial prices. Click on Trade Sales for more details
  • We run a small cafe in the shop
  • We stock exotic imported coffees from Vietnam (Caphe VN) and Lebanon


Sourcing Policy: This shop buys raw beans from the direct importers and wherever possible, tries to buy from source growers who respect the rights of their workers and who co-operate with agencies working to preserve the natural environment  such as the Rainforest Association.